Beautiful FOSS is provided free in our mission to make the world open-source.

Beautiful FOSS!

A Github repository template to make your repositories beautiful in minutes.

Your repository needs a makeover.

The open-source community is contagious, but without the right resources to help others find & understand your project, it likely isn't getting the engagement it deserves. Beautiful FOSS makes it easier to understand your project with a high-quality readme file, get found online with an SEO optimized landing page, and promote your project with our archive of self-promotion links.

Quality Readme's

Memorable & understood

A simple, thorough, and well-branded readme will help users understand your project and prevent it from slipping through the cracks of Github.

Enhanced SEO & Previews

Get found online

Without an SEO optimized website & open-graph previews, you're left stranded with no way to find your project or share it on social media. With Beautiful FOSS, generate these assets to get found & get more shares in minutes!

Forever free

100% free, no catch.

The best part about Beautiful FOSS is there's no excuse not to use it - it's entirely free! Licensed via LGPL, you're free to use this in your project and modify however you need without paying a dime.